Print a timecard

Hourly and project timecards can be printed for a selected timeframe (up to 90 days) and can include the Totals and Accruals add-ons.

  • The printed timecard defaults to a minimum of one week for Project View timecards, regardless of the selected timeframe.
  • Timecards must be saved to print.
  • Printing is only supported for table view.
  • If the user printing the timecard does not have access to add-ons, the Add-ons heading in the Print panel will appear, but no options will be available.
  • You can print a timecard from a mobile device when you are running the application from a browser. The print timecard option is not available when viewing the timecard in the mobile application or from a time clock.
  1. Open a timecard and select a timeframe.
  2. Click Share > Print. The Print panel opens.
  3. Optionally, select Add-ons to include in the print out.
  4. Click Continue. An initial preview opens in a new browser tab.
  5. Previews and printouts appear as you have the timecard displayed on your screen. For example, if you have adjusted the width of a column or selected filters for an add-on, the timecard will print as you have it displayed.
  6. Press Ctrl + p.
  7. Select your print options and then click Print or Save.