Resolve timecard exceptions (hourly timecard)

When employees deviate from the expectations configured in your environment, the system generates an exception. Exceptions can be day-based or segment-level. Day-based exceptions (such as short shift or unscheduled) affect the entire day. Segment-level exceptions affect only part of the day.

Although the actual exceptions configured vary by company, the following are the default exceptions.

Exception indicators

Icons are used as indicators within the timecard to call attention to these exceptions:

The cell is solid red when there is a missed in or out punch.
Action is required for an exception on this day.
When the system generates an exception, the icon is red with a white line near the top. Depending on your configuration, the system might automatically add an auto-resolved paycode A category of time or money that employees earn, for example, Regular Hours, Bonus, or Sick. to the timecard if an exception occurs because of missing time, such as a late punch or absence.
When a manager marks an exception as reviewed or justifies a missing time exception, the icon color changes to green.
When an employee justifies a missing time exception, the icon color changes to red (with two white lines).
If there is more than one exception, the color reflects the most severe state of all the exceptions, and the white lines are diagonal.
If an absence has been excused, icon is blue with three horizontal lines.
When an exception or punch is system-generated, the icon is purple with one diagonal line and the punch displays in purple.
Holiday exceptions
There is an exception on this day.
Action is required. You need to address an exception. When you tap this icon, only days with exceptions are listed. After all of the exceptions are resolved, the indicator turns blue. Tap the icon to return to the default listing of days.


The Absence column identifies absence exceptions.

Resolve exceptions

The way that you resolve an exception differs depending on whether you are using the table view or the list view.

Also see Justify or approve missing time exceptions (managers).

When a day includes an exception, the warning indicator displays .

  1. Tap the appropriate day.
  2. In the day detail panel, identify the exception and tap the More Information icon. Depending on your access rights, you can address the exception as follows:
    • Tap Mark as Reviewed to show that you know about the exception, but have decided to take no further action.
    • Tap Edit to make changes manually. You can change the time of the punch, override the type of punch, or the time zone rule. You can also cancel a deduction.
    • Tap Comments to add a comment or note. After you add a comment or note, the Comments counter below the exception is incremented.