Forecasting provides you with an objective and focused means to predict future labor requirements. Using rules, business drivers, and special events that you set up, as well as actual volume and other business data from previous weeks and years, it forecasts business volume and labor requirements for future date ranges at a daily level.

Forecasting has the following work spaces:

  • Using the Forecast Planner you can view and modify the volume forecasts and labor forecasts that the scheduler uses to create a schedule.
    • From historical volume driver data, the Forecast Planner derives a traffic pattern. Then, applying your labor standards to volume driver data and other factors, the Forecast Planner generates a labor forecast in 15-minute intervals, one week at a time.
    • The system makes the labor forecast available to the Schedule Generator, which looks at individual employees and schedule rules to create a 15-minute interval schedule, one week at a time, for each selected location.
  • Using the Operational Dashboard you can monitor the performance of your forecast and its impact on labor. Because the Operational Dashboard is fully integrated with Forecast Planner and KPI Builder, you can configure it to display many types of business data related to volume and labor. See the The Operational Dashboard topic.
  • A graphical view is available in Forecast Home.

The system uses the data and the elements you configure to generate the volume forecast, the labor forecast, and the schedule. You can import volume and labor forecasts to easily examine and analyze their performance and accuracy comparing actual and forecasted values.