Soft Key Settings

A soft key is a button on a device that employees and managers use for various transactions. Tasks are configured in templates and are then assigned to soft keys and scheduled. A soft key schedule specifies the time range during which employees can access the transaction assigned to a soft key. Soft Key Settings templates are included in device configuration profiles.

Tasks that can be assigned to soft keys include Smart View transactions in which users make online transactions at a device browser.

Use the Soft Key Editor to associate soft keys with transactions and a schedule that determines when the transaction is active on the device. You can assign different transactions to the same key for different operating modes: employee and manager. Schedules are not applied to soft keys used in manager mode. You can customize labels for the keys by creating text for each label.

The number of transactions available for soft keys depends on the transactions that are configured in the Default Transactions, Configurable Transactions, and Smart Views templates.

The template provides the following tabs:

  • Employee —Specifies the soft keys that are visible to employees at the device
  • Manager—Specifies the soft keys that are visible to managers at the device

Edit the preview panes that appears in either of these tabs as described below. Required fields are marked by an asterisk (*).

When you are done with your edits:

  1. Ensure that the Name field is not blank. It should contain the name of a template that you are editing or the unique name of the template that you are creating.
  2. Select one of the guided Save changes to options. See Device and Profile view template save options for more information.)
  3. ClickTap Save to save your edits or Cancel to dispose of them.