Employee Profile

After you select Employee from the Standard Profiles landing page, the Employee Profiles list page opens. This page is a grid that displays the current Employee Profiles and the attributes of each profile. To modify the attribute headings, click and select or clear the listed options.

  1. You can edit the existing profiles, create new ones, or export the page to an Excel .csv file.
    • To create a Employee Profile, click Add .
    • To edit a Employee Profile, select a profile from the list and click Edit .
      • To select more than one profile, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting profiles.
      • To select the maximum number of profiles (100 rows), click Select Maximum . To clear all selections, click Unselect All .
    • To export the list page to an Excel .csv file, click Export , then select the .csv link at the bottom of the page.
  2. If you select Add or Edit , the Employee Profile edit page opens where you can add or edit the following attributes:

    Note: If xxx, select No Change in the applicable column.

  3. When finished, click tap Save.

    Caution: You can click tap to remove your edits only if you have not saved the entry. After you save the entry, you can change the status to Inactive but you cannot delete the entry.